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How bad (dumb) is the 2013 OB with BT phone selection?

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We were told by the sales staff that when you start the car, the BT radio will select which ever phone (up to like 5, methinks) is present. If there are multiple saved phones present near it, it will select the primary (first phone paired).

Every time my wife gets in the car, she has to go through the pain in the butt procedure to select her phone. Then, after I get in it I have to do the same thing. Are we doing something wrong?
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Try this:

Go to Info | Bluetooth | Registered Devices.

Select one of the paired phones and then press Details.

I think you can specify there whether the head unit or the phone makes the initial connection for each phone.

I'm not in front of my OB just now, so this is just from memory.

Good luck,

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