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How do you all feel about Volvo XC60?

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Just passed 70K miles with my 2013 Outback and I'm definitely in no rush to sell it. But I like cars and the 2018 Volvo XC60 looks real sharp. Has anyone test driven one? Any past volvo owners ever switched to Subaru?
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I just got my first look at a 2018 XC60 Inscription the other day from one of the guys at my auto group's Volvo dealership and it looks amazing! Definitely looks like a scaled down XC90 and I think I liked everything other than the price tag. I have been a big XC60 fan since they first came out in 2010, in fact I'll even admit that I have considered purchasing one instead of getting my 2010 and 2018 Outbacks but just could not justify spending the extra difference in price.

That all being said if I had the extra money to throw around I would not mind ordering one through the OSD program, I just had a friend come back from a vacation to Sweden and he absolutely loved traveling there.

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I looked into one before I got my Outback. I liked the styling, but it didn't pass the "seats three adults comfortably in the back" test. Kind of a shame, I think they're nice-looking cars.

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I was taking a quick look at one of those - mainly because there is one in my neighborhood that I see a lot and was wondering about it.

Ever since I put a trailer hitch on the OB I started paying attention to towing capacities.

I think the XC60 has towing weight limits approx the same as the OB, but the max tongue weight is something like 165lb vs the 200lb of the OB. There are a lot of complaints that the OB tongue wt is too low, so I wonder about the XC60 in that area.
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