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How heavy is a 4EAT, will it fit in the hatch?

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Wondering how heavy a 4EAT trans is, and if it will fit in the hatch of my '03 outback, either answer could mean I need my (nicely low) trailer.
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your will be slightly heavier than the 95 i sold last year, but 2 guys can lift it in and out of the rear hatch of an outback.

FYI, be careful not to let it puke atf out of the ass end. even after you drain it, there will be atf inside that will come out the rear. i would tip it up to help drain as much as possible. and i would use a rubber glove on the output, with lots of duct tape.

good luck.
grab some large garbage bags and wrap that baby, or its gonna leak all over the place.
It's going to look like Dexter prepped the car and the trans...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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