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How is an Outback supposed to start?

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Let me elaborate on what I mean by this. My car always seems like it has a weak battery when I go to start it up. Every start is a hard start it seems. It is like the car struggles every time. It has never failed to start. Whether it is hot or cold, or if I have every single power accessory on or not a one, it has no bearing on how the car starts, it starts the same way every time.

I know it isn't a Subaru thing, or a 2.5 thing, because I've had numerous cars nearly identical to mine come through the shop at work and none of them seem to start the same way mine does. I've had the battery and charging system checked numerous times (Battery is less than 2 years old), always checks out perfect, as it should be. I worry there may be a problem with the starter. I'd hate for this car to potentially leave me stranded.

It always starts right up, and starts quickly, but it cranks slowly.

Here is a short series of clips of my car starting up:

(I own the domain so you do not have to worry about any virus or anything. I promise if you get one it isn't from me or my site)

The best example in all these clips is at about 1:15, it is the 5th start. It is a warm start, and it kind of half cranks weakly and then starts right away.
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If the battery cables, especially the ground, are clean and tight at the battery and block, get a new battery. I don't think its being checked properly. Low amperage output causes a slow start.

I've had batteries check at 12.4 volts and only supply 70 amps. Not enough to turn the motor sufficient for a correct start. You'll find with a new battery, it will kick right over.

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Well, last time I tested it, it was with our fancy-ass battery tester at work. Hooked it up, ran it through a few different tests. Start it, had to turn on a bunch of accessories, etc. It seemed pretty thorough to me.

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my 2000 outback has always had what i thought was a weak start, i was in the car when the battery ran dead so the car never needed to be jumped(lesson: dont let your car idle for a long time)
i installed a duralast gold battery and new alternator round the same time and it improved a tiny bit.

my 2004's battery is a factory installed battery thats a few years old. it sounds the same as my 2000 with the new batt. and alternator

in general ive heard a wide variety of subarus and they all seem to have the same slightly weak sounding start up

hope that helps
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