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How is "cold battery" sensed? I want the charge.

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I am a new owner of a used 2000 Legacy wagon. I have very interesting living conditions. Living in the car, I use my laptop all day. Sometimes, it's a little cold outside, too. So I break the rules and idle my car from time to time. I have a power bank/inverter that I charge, and the laptop via inverter uses 15-20 watts. Well, this car doesn't give out extra current for much.

When I start the car cold, it gives battery charge current, and I really enjoy using that. It reminds me of the charging of the old days, when the battery was always being charged. Well, I think I want to do this here. I want to charge the battery all of the time. I will use it.

Does my car have a battery temperature sensor, or is it another temp-related sensor somewhere else, that gives me this high cold-start charge? Secondly, I am wondering if there is a way to trick it into always being "cold", so to speak, so that the higher voltage/charge would always be on?

Cheers, Mark
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I'm wondering if your alternator simply provides less current and voltage when it gets hot, not that it's being commanded to lower output.

While it may not help, probably good to check and possibly improve all the grounds. Some people add a ground to the body of the alternator if there isn't one, since grounding through the bracket could degrade with aluminum oxidation etc.
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