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How is "cold battery" sensed? I want the charge.

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I am a new owner of a used 2000 Legacy wagon. I have very interesting living conditions. Living in the car, I use my laptop all day. Sometimes, it's a little cold outside, too. So I break the rules and idle my car from time to time. I have a power bank/inverter that I charge, and the laptop via inverter uses 15-20 watts. Well, this car doesn't give out extra current for much.

When I start the car cold, it gives battery charge current, and I really enjoy using that. It reminds me of the charging of the old days, when the battery was always being charged. Well, I think I want to do this here. I want to charge the battery all of the time. I will use it.

Does my car have a battery temperature sensor, or is it another temp-related sensor somewhere else, that gives me this high cold-start charge? Secondly, I am wondering if there is a way to trick it into always being "cold", so to speak, so that the higher voltage/charge would always be on?

Cheers, Mark
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I appreciate that what you are saying may apply to some. I have an AC Delco 90 amp alternator. I have not seen more than 14.5V driving around for an hour. I will make sure to watch what I am doing. Fyi, here is a quote from a Delco Remy 3-wire alternator instruction page...
Use of the Sense terminal is optional, however its use is highly recommended for
improved charging performance
- Instructions
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Note: I just did a cold start, and got 14.8V, and so far it looks this is as high as this alternator goes (on its own).
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