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How much of a shake are we talking?

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I have a vibration in the wheel regardless of speed, but I have a significant vibration when braking, especially at faster speeds. I had the wheels road-force-balanced about a year ago with minimal change. Should I be considering a caliper or a rotor issue?

I haven't ever had an alignment done on the car, but I'd probably consider it the next time I get tires (about 1-2 years away)... The tires are all 6/32" in every tread (just checked them with a gauge...)

How does one check the caliper function? Should I replace the rubber boots when I do my brakes?
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brake components may be sticking/dragging

Or, you may have 2 issues, vibration on braking can be uneven pad material deposition.

if you have good brake pad material left on the present pads, locate a section of roadway where you can safely do the following;

at about 30-40 mph, brake with the left foot while maintaining speed. You should feel the car straining. Not huge, emergency stop pressure, but enough to feel the car pulling against the brakes. Do that for 2-3 blocks - say - 1/8 mile. MOST IMPORTANT - now drive for a mile or so to cool the brakes - NO STOPPING. IF you MUST stop when doing this, hold the car with the emergency brake. Choose the road for this experiment carefully.

If there is improvement in the shaking when braking problem, you can do this again and see if it gets even smoother.

There are more intense brake bedding-in procedures, but this can help. If the problem is the same or gets worse, you likely will need new rotors, or you have a stuck caliper or other problems.
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