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How much to pay for a 2006 Outback XT Limited?

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Hi all,

I found a 2006 Outback XT with the following properties:

- 111k miles
- Service done by Subaru dealers and I have scans of all service records.
- Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, idler pulleys, thermostat, upper and lower coolant hoses done at 105k
- Oil only changed every 7.5k miles but I see only two records the oil needed change according to multiple point inspection (two times yellow, not red). I told him about the service bulletin but he wasn't aware of this.
- Both rear and right front wheel bearing changed at 108k miles
- Rear brakes changed, CV boots and wipers changed at 97.5k
- Accy driving belts and p/s flush at 90k
- I think tires changed at 97.5k because thread before was 6/32 before on some and at 105k it was all 9/32.
- Front break pads 8+ and rear break pads replaced at 105k

Some replacement of light bulbs before and normal service according to schedule.

Car still looks great on the inside and outside but I was a bit disappointed when I looked under the hood everything looked a bit dirty especially the battery and he told me he had to jump start his car before because he left a light on.

Car drove ok but I can't really compare as I only drove a few outbacks and none with turbo's. Is it normal it takes a bit before the turbo kicks in? It accelerated fine but i wasn't put in the back of my seat as some people say here. I had that with a porsche carrera (as a passenger) but I guess I am comparing apples to pears.

So I am a bit confused, on one side I know this is a 1 owner, accident free car with service records which is very good if I read this forum, on the other hand he didn't change the oil every 3.75k and under the hood it looked a bit messy (but i am an novice so can't conclude anything about it).

Do you think this is a good car to buy or will it give me lots of service trouble ahead (120k coming up but that is ok).

Btw he asks $11500 because that is what edmunds, kbb says. I prefer to pay less of course and maximum budget is $10000. What is a good deal and/or fair price?

Thanks for reading and any help, I learned already a lot from reading this forum!

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turbo should hit at 3k RPMs.
Lots of others will have good advise for you, but with the little i do know, you should take it to subaru and have them throw it on the computer. Oil changes like that could also leave u replacing the turbo a few miles out of his driveway, see if you can find a good local subi mechanic to give it a good look over.
I wouldnt buy a car with that many miles without doing so anyways, after that you can get a good idea of what you should spend.

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sounds like you've found a good candidate, but definitely pay an inspection mechanic to look it over. the price sounds reasonable for what you describe, but usually this is dictated by the local market more than anything. if there are 5 more like it in town, you'll have more leverage. if people are roadtripping in from 3 states away to test drive that one, then he's got more.

If you keep yourself prepared for the extra operational costs and mechanical risks of an XT, you can have a lot of fun while only paying station wagon rates for insurance. that is much of the magic of the XT.

Good luck and have fun!
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