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How to install xm fm modulator?

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2010 Outback w/o navigation.

I have a factory radio and want to hook up portable xm receiver. I have the XM modulator and antenna adaptors. The modulator should be in series between the antenna and the radio. I was able to remove trim and radio however I cannot find the anntenna. I tried to trace out the wiring harnesses that plug into the back of the radio but nothing so far. Before I start taking apart the dash to find the antenna, I thought I would ask.

Does anyone have any information they can share (photos would be a huge help).

I apologize if this is answered somewhere else on the website, I looked around but couldn't find it.

Any and all help is appreciated!
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You'll have to stop by your local specialty shop and get the proper adapter. The XM will use what is known as a Motorola adapter (pretty standard for many years) and source the male/female adapter for the Subaru. Metra sells one that is part number 40-SB30. This should be both male/female for both the Subaru and the Motorola connections. The antenna connection is down in the console on the drivers side. Check out Taiguy's install log to see where it's at.
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