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How to replace 98 Outback hatch lid strut

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My right side 1998 Outback station wagon hatch lid strut popped out on the top
and must be worn, as after I pop it back in, it comes out again after closing. Other side works ok. I heard it is fairly easy to replace these. Are these air or gas struts? I am planning to pick one up at a local parts store and try install it myself. Do I need to unscrew the mounts attached to car or just replace the rod itself? The top part of the rod is already out so no issue there. Does the bottom part pop out, or do I take unscrew the mount attached to the car? Never replaced one of these before. Looking at them though, looks like they wear out over time.
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I just ordered some Monroe struts to replace the ones on my hatch (tired of getting bonked on the head when putting stuff in trunk). I'll let ya know what they look like and how it works out when they come in.
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