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I'm cheap.

Last year I got a 1970's ski rack out of storage. Went to the local 'Rack Shop' and asked if they had any adapters suitable for the rack and Subaru crossbars. Walked out in a few minutes with expensive plastic pieces and a few pieces of threaded hardware. Went home and was stuck trying to mix 'inch' and 'metric' pieces. Another trip to the 'threaded pieces store' AKA Hardware Store. Walked out with appropriate hardware. Twenty minutes later the rack was installed. Then I found out the rack was 'locked' with reasonably stout locking hardware. Another hour of disassembly and drilling out locking mechanism was required to get the rack functional.

One advantage of the OLD rack, It's never seen a snowboard. Another is it holds seven pairs of narrow skis. Only five pair of 'powder' boards.

Well it was cheap. Going to the garage now and installing the rack if I still have all the threaded bits.
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