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2018 Outback 2.5i Limited w/Eyesight
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Hello everyone, after 10+ years with a 4x4 Sportsmobile camper van we are downsizing. Unfortunately we've just not been able to take enough trips per year lately to justify keeping the vehicle.

I've done a lot (too much) car research over the last several weeks and have come to the conclusion that the 2018 Outback is the best choice for me and our lifestyle: traveling, 2 dogs, surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards and the inevitable Home Depot trips.

I am a previous Subaru wagon owner, but my last one was a manual back in the late 1980's...

We are located in San Diego and I still need to test drive the 2.5 and 3.6 engines to determine which one to get. In either case it will be the limited trim level. I'm leaning towards the 2.5 due to the cost savings.

This forum has already been an incredible resource. Thanks so much.
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