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Ok folks with all the Evo-Subaru talk from last weekends Drag Racing Event, I figured I'd keep the ball rolling and put together a Road Course Event!

I spoke with NASA-NE and they have agreed to give us our own rungroup at Limerock Park in Nov! (or any NASA Event).

Here is the deal...

We need 30 Subies and EVOs register (total) to get our own rungroup. You'd still have instructors same as you would have in a regular rungroup, but ontrack would be only Subies and EVOs. Limerock Park is in the NW Corner of CT. Awsome track! You can learn a lot at an HPDE Event. It wouldn't be a "competition" like the Drage Event, but it would definitely have some friendly banter between the Subies and Evos and some good comradere. Afterward we can all meet up at the traditional pizza joint and trade stories of the day. If you want pics of track days you can check out the Team IAC webpage and forum.

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