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HVAC cluster off during 1st minutes driving when cold

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Hello Outguys and gals

everything is in the title.

Couldn't find any related topic, so teach me if I'm wrong

With my 2013 Limited, the auto climate control cluster won't turn on in the quite cold conditions we are facing in Quebec, especially in the morning.

After a few minutes driving, the cluster turns on and we can turn on the heating of the windshield (you can imagine it's not really practical!).
If I stop quickly, the trouble will be the same.

After a longer driving with heated cabin, no trouble anymore.

When it occurs, the flashers cannot be operated, so I assume some shared control unit is frozen.

Obviously, the trouble will not repeat everytime, only once in a while (let's say one cold start on 5 or 10)

Is this a known issue?

Can I live with it, praying for the next winters to be warmer, or is it the preliminary signs of a forecoming major failure I should repair quickly?
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I have a 2011 Outback Limited and had same issue. A google search quickly pointed to it being something sticking in ignition switch and that caution must be used to lubricate it. Do not use Wd-40 or lithium grease, the best recommendation was for a product called TriFlow a teflon based product.
I got a 6 oz bottle from Amazon Canada for $12 and have had no issues since.
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