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Hello All I’m new here can’t find seem to find anything on web and proud owner of my outback would love to get down and figure out what the **** is going on. Car has been running fine has 200km+ til month ago start becoming way louder then usual I ignored this has still was driving fine. Now here what’s going,

All the lights came on today first with the engine light then came ebreak light and battery light at the same time. Then all sudden all the lights came on and turn off and speedometer went to zero. So I quickly got home and gave jump from good ol civic. Then once had back up running did a drive with outback did all over again this time a bit worst as my car was shifting felt like going down when I was speeding up. So that is my problem car won’t start again need to do a jump to make work again. I just got a new battery so I’m not sure really what’s going on. Doesn’t help not being a car person kinda of wish I was.

Details -

Outback Legacy 99
Driving about a year and replaced the battery a few months ago.

Thank you much appreciated!

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200,000 km = 124,000 miles.

might be a battery cable going bad. someone needs to tear open the cables with a razor knife with a nice new roll of electrical tape ready to seal them up again. (corrosion can live under the sheaths).

if anyone wants to try a new alternator. subaru had a recall a long long time ago on these 95-99 cars. and made lots of quality remans for them. so given a day a dealer can get you the exact one for $75 or so. .
...and not junk from a parts store for more money. that came in and out of a chevy caviler x2 over.
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1. Paint a line across the largest pulley on the front center of the engine that both belts wrap around. and then run the car. Turn the car off -if the line separated the pulley has failed. Or post a picture, if they're bad enough sometimes we would be able to tell.

2. Replace alternator, buy it from Subaru.

Subaru carries an alternator for $80. I usually ask for like a 1997 legacy alternator, which is the same as yours, but just to make sure I get the $80 variant that works in all 1995-1999 outback/legacys and 95-98 impreza's/foresters. Should be this one:

Ideally you test the alternator eventhough it sounds almost certainly like it is the alternator but i hesitate to assume too much online:
a. jump start the car and test the output voltage of the alternator with a multimeter
b. or any national chains like Advanced Auto, Autozone, NAPA, Oreilly's will test it for free on or off the vehicle.
But I realize that's not convenient sometimes.

3. Make sure all battery clamps are CLEAN and TIGHT. A good battery and alternator is meaningless if the clamps are dirty and loose.
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