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So, I replaced my dads boss' motor in his 99 legacy outback (2.5 dohc) It was knocking and needed head gaskets so I suggested a motor. He didnt have the scratch for a reman motor so i picked up a used motor for him, did the whole semi rebuild head gaskets and out, had the heads checked out and cleaned (found 2 bent valves, good thing i did that!). Well since then its been NOTHING but problems, oil leaks (wrong valve cover gaskets in my master kit), had it 2 times for that problem, no about 5 months later evedently I didnt get the crank bolt tight enough as I hear is pretty common and the balancer came loose and sheared the key.

Now my problem is the minute it got here I ordered up a new balancer online as I am going to be eating this and I wanted the cheapest thing I could find and didnt want to wait a week or 2 till I had the time to tear it down then have to buy something local so I didnt have to wait another week...

Well I purchased from rock auto and they gave me a couple options, evdently I chose wrong, I believe I got the 2.2 balancer (walking the junkyard today it seems all older sohc legacys (same body style and older) had a similar balancer to what showed up, I have not compaired the 2 side by side but they look REALLY similar as far as belt location and spacing and snout size.

TO THE QUESTION: Does anyone know if it would be ok to use this balancer or do I need to get the same one I am removing that has the larger flatter face instead of the more open face.

Thank you!
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