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I have a list of 8 codes on my car today!

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Ok so my 97 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5 5spd manual. I replaced the motor with one out of same make and model but with an auto tranny out of a car that was hit in the front. Here's a list of the codes on it today.


The p1507 and P0106 appeared after the swap. Ran a lil rough with high idle. I had replaced a sensor and it ran better. I replaced a visually bad coil so I think I fixed p0302 and 0304. But what do you guys think of the other codes?
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Whenever there are multiple unrelated codes appearing immediately after work being done on the car, I would look to the test mode connectors being connected. These are two green colored connectors under the dash on the driver's side. They should only be connected for specific diagnostic tests. Often, people see these connectors and think they just came apart and so push them together leading to wacky results.

If this is the case for you, pull them apart for normal operation.


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Those are disconnected. I kbow if those. I've never had them connected. Now I have fixed a few tjings but the codes are being held and not clearing. The ones I havent were new to me when I had the codes checked today. Think I'm going to get them reset and see which ones come back.......
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