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I Have My Premier XT

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So I got my Premier XT home yesterday and am thrilled with it.

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Plant

I got the Magnetite gray which was a little lighter than I thought but now that I see it, I really do like the colour. I have an AvalonKing ceramic coating kit which I will get on next week. I also am getting a set of rims for snowtires that I will try to get on for the end of the ski season. I did elect to go with an extended warranty of 120,000km/8 year which I only got because of the electronics. The mechanical issues I am not too concerned about, but chasing down software/firmware issues? I think I would rather have the dealers worry about that. I am looking forward to assessing how this new technology works for me🎿:)🚙


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Now I am really happy!

I went on Craigslist and found these wheels and tires for sale with just 1200km on them.

Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread Tire

They are from a 2022 Limited XT and I do like them better than the wheels I got from the factory. My factory supplied wheels will get snow tires mounted on them and I will save the tires for when these wear out.
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