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I drive an automatic 2004 Outback limited.

Currently I have the 1" spacer lift from Gorilla off-road.

I use my Outback form mild off-roading and trail riding. I normally take it out to collect fossils and rocks. I carry a lot of gear from time to time and on occasion have passengers while doing so.

Recently I have decided I want to do the 2" spacer lift (feel free to recommend a brand as I have yet decided which to go with).

That said I also want a much stiffer suspension. I have been in the process of moving rocks from one place to another and noticed just how much the rear-end sags.

You can see the size of the loads and the sage with and without the loads.

Suspension has so many factors that can change things it makes it hard to figure out exactly what I need done.

What would be the right choices for my use?

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