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I run the Friends of the Scioto River, and I'm organizing volunteer events to plant native trees. I'm foraging for acorns, etc., in local spots.

Ohioans are called Buckeyes, but there really are buckeye trees native to the state. So it can be said that a Buckeye is a nut, and inedible at that. Yesterday I gathered 123 of them on a friend's property. These will be planted in the Scioto watershed, in riverside parks. Because the river is a drinking-water supply, I need permission from the parks department, and the Division of Water, which owns maintenance of the lands around the reservoirs.


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you might consider planting half the seeds, and germinating the other half yourself in cans - then plant the seedling in the next year or two.

sometimes, hard seeds like those need a few weeks in a refrigerator and a little 'scarification' of the outside surface to have good germination yield.

maybe search around at Tips and Advice on Outdoor Gardening, Flower Gardens, Plants, & Seeds - Dave's Garden or online, or check with your State's Agricultural colleg for specific info.

it's cool getting seeds from local plants that are already well-adapted.
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