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2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited
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Well... I did it. New Subaru Outback owner here.

Up until maybe 6 months ago, I never would have thought I'd buy a Subaru. There's a bit of a..."stigma" around the Subaru name that I didn't think my lifestyle would fit into. But, after having so many issues with certain Domestic brands over the years, I started sifting through the google machine for something that would check off my wants/needs list:
- Reliable
- AWD (need that in MN don'tcha know)
- Large enough (I'm 6'4" and we have 2 kiddos)
- Affordable enough to buy new or Certified Pre-owned with some warranty peace of mind

My short list of vehicles of vehicles I was researching were:
- Tahoe/Yukon
- Explorer
- 4 Runner

But the funny thing is...I would keep stumbling onto the Subaru Outback through my searches. Everyone spoke so highly of AWD system, the reliability, resale value, etc... When I first mentioned an Outback to my wife... she rolled her eyes. haha.

Well, the search continued. The Tahoe/Yukon would be a familiar route since we currently had a Suburban and owned another one before that... however they were high mileage (200k+) and had their share of issues along the way. We knew we wanted 30k miles or less and we are not able to drop 50 GRAND on a used vehicle - so I crossed that one off the list.

Next, researched the 4 Runner a little bit and was quite surprised to find out they were nearly the same price as a Tahoe/Yukon! Cross that off!

So, then I was down to an Explorer. However, I was still intrigued about the Outback...although I wouldn't admit it to my wife. So, one Saturday I lined up a test drive for an Explorer and I secretly made plans to stop and look at a used Subaru Outback as well. My hopes for that day were to love the Explorer and hate the Outback, so I could just move on from that "silly" notion of owning a Subaru... Well, as it would turn out; I hated the Explorer and loved the Outback! :tease:

After that, it took some convincing, but I got my wife to agree to go look at one and test drive it. It was a new 2.5i Premium. With a little apprehension, she walked out of there with a smile and saying she did like it.

Now with my wife on board, I figured I better fire up the interwebs and start doing some serious research on these things. The Outback quickly turned from faint thought in the back of my head to the only choice for our current needs. I was sold on on the boxer engine, the true AWD system (not just some adapted FWD system like most other crossovers), valuable features without needing to go to a top trim package, initial price point and resale value... I was very impressed with what I found. Seemed like even the small details were engineered very well - like you can actually change a head light bulb without having to disassemble half of the front clip... what a novel idea! :crazyeye: So many of the things that frustrated me beyond belief with our last vehicles, seemed to be done right on the Subaru.

So, we had all but decided on a black or white exterior with black interior Outback 2.5i Premium. Not fancy, but very practical and affordable. Also, due to some unexpected expenses this winter, we decided to wait until spring time or whenever they had a 0% financing promotion again and then get one...

Well, then I got an alert from a local dealer that they just posted a '17 3.6R Limited, White exterior, Black interior, dealer employee owned, 18,000 miles priced within $1000 of a new '18 2.5i... Hmm... I'd never driven the 6cyl, much less saw one in person, so why not go look at it right!? Long story short... we came home with it!! Couldn't be happier. Comfortable, powerful, should have excellent resale and since it's Certified Pre-owned, we get a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty - which is more than we would have gotten with a new car! (65,000).

So here we are. Someone who never thought they'd own a Subaru, now proudly advertising how much they like it!! Now... just gotta narrow in on some customizations (black grill, Thule roof box, rims, tires, etc...) :claphead::21::crazyp:
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