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'17 Outback 3.6R Limited, '15 Nissan Juke SV
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Kinda' long good-experience rant, but it all happened out of the blue!

So we got out 2016 Outback 2.5i Limited with Navi/moonroof/keyless/Eyesight on 12/23/2015, got a smoking deal on a 36m/15K mi lease ($345/mo, 0 down, only the first month) after coming back from a 2012 Equinox LT, which had replaced a 2009 2.5X Forester.

My youngest son recently graduated and accepted a position in the northeast, and wants to get an STI.

After shopping around up in PA, they were charging through the nose, and in addition, completely low-balling him on his 2013 VW Jetta SE with 48k on clock.

So, being a good dad, I called our dealer here who have been FANTASTIC so far (Coconut Creek Subaru in So Florida) and asked him for some numbers for my son, and he was doing so, sight-unseen on the Jetta.

In the middle of this, he looks us up in the computer, and blurts out "Wait. You're still in that old 2016 Outback?"

I'm like yeah, she's fine - we love it to death. Whatcha' mean "old?"

Quick break - this '16 Outback has absolutely positively been the best 1) Buying experience 2) vehicle experience 3) Vehicle enjoyment we've experienced to date. We've had Acura, VW, Audi, BMW, Chevy, Subie, Toyota, **** we even had a Kia Sportage when they first came out! The ONLY complaint we have ever had, is the 2.5i engine can be underwhelming at times. We've road-tripped from South Florida to Key West, Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala, Naples/Ft Myers area - and the Outback has been a FANTASTIC vehicle to road trip in!

Again... Only thing, is the underwhelming 2.5i.

So.. back to the sales manager... I'm like well, it's been fine, haven't seen a need to change, only 19K on the clock, single owner, well maintained, and don't see a need to spend that money. Then I told him "besides - I'd only switch it, if it was for a 3.6R." Quiet pause, then he says "hang on a sec."

He comes back, says "I have a 2017 3.6R Limited, fully loaded with everything yours has (Navi/Moonroof/Eyesight/Keyless) and I can get you in it for $14/month more, zero down, 36mo/12k."

Um. Wait, what? $14/mo more for a 3.6R Limited fully loaded which is $38K, $3K more than my 2.5i?

I was a bit shocked. He repeats it, then says "just bring in the 2.5i, give the first payment only, leaving you with 35 payments, and drive off in the 3.6R"

Shoot. You KNOW I didn't turn that down. Keep in mind I'm only 20mos into a 36mo lease!

We now have a 2017 Tungsten Metallic 3.6R Limited Navi/Moonroof/Eyesight/Keyless.

And WOW! That 3.6R really turns this vehicle into something else... It's night and day. My wife was giggling when she hit the gas pedal!

LOL - keep in mind, the POINT of the call was for my son's STI! Oh, and he offered a smoking deal to my son, $150/mo less than whatever dealer he visited in PA, including a $1000 higher trade-in - sight unseen, mind you!

Loved the Outback before - but the 3.6R? It's just on another level altogether... When we were leaving, he said "OK - see you in 12-18mos" I was like, what for? His response: "To get you in a new one again, same deal, except no increase, because you're already in a 3.6R. Bring this one back, pick a new one, make a first payment, and drive it away."

LOL - gotta LOVE a car that holds it's value so well, which is the main reason they can do this.

THANKS Subie and Coconut Creek Subaru - LOVING this 3.6R!
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