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Just a note to hopefully help someone else.

I replaced my head gaskets this weekend and even though I know better, I totally got things shuffled around and lost track of which cam went where and which cam caps went where. After sleeping on it and doing a lot of reading here, I found the easy solution.

The cams won't fit in the wrong head, but you could possibly confuse the intake and exhaust cams. The cams are cast with a number on them that has "ex" or "in" plus more numbers on them. The cam caps will be stamped with a number plus the "ex" or "in". plus an arrow that always points toward the front of engine. Example : 4ex19 would be the exhaust cam cap closest to # 4 exhaust valve. 1in2k would be #1 intake cap closest to that intake valve.

In addition the cam gears are also marked L or R and IN or EX. So even if you totally misplace all the cam parts, it's easy to get them sorted out.

The lifter buckets are a different cat, but you can use the search function to figure out how to check them for proper fit and clearance. I hope this helps someone who made the same mistake I did!
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