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iGO Primo GPS Software Updates

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By now we know that the latest update for the maps is 2015_Q3, and slowly everyone is getting them done. What I haven't seen is how to get an update to the iGO Primo software. Does HERE (the map supplier) also supply the iGO software updates? As I’ve seen on some of the other threads, some 2016 vehicles have Apr 2, 2015 (ver which I have, and others have Nov 9, 2015 (ver and Jan 26, 2016 (ver I went to the iGO website, and it sends me to the, which asks me to login and them I'm back to the same Subaru-branded site that I downloaded the map update from.
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The firmware would be specific to the head unit installed and would be supplied to Subaru by the respective unit manufacturer. I have found, with other vehicles, that in order to get firmware updates you have to have a problem that that specific update addresses. Dealers have to account for and justify time spent on cars, they just can't do something 'because'. However, some are more accommodating than others.
I contacted HERE about the iGO software and the three versions I had seen so far and the MAPVER.TXT that didn't update. I asked if they were supposed to update it on the same SD card the maps were successfully updated on and here is the answer - seems there is a problem and it should have updated the iGO software and text file:

Thank you for inquiring about HERE Maps. We havehad several customers contact us with the same problem that you explained inyour email. We are working with Subaru to come out with a new update forToolbox that will fix the problem that you are experiencing. The exact releasedate of the update is TBD.

If you own a 2016 Subaru Vehicle, you will beable to download the update when the new update for Toolbox is released.

If you own a 2015 Subaru Vehicle, you will wantto purchase the new physical SD Card that is available on

If you own a 2014 or Earlier Subaru Vehicle, youwill want to periodically check and purchase the new Physical SDCard Update when it becomes available.

If you need additional assistance, please sendus your feedback by replying to this email.

Kind regards,

HERE Customer Service
P.O. Box 1588
Orem, UT 84059
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