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Hello all.

I'm located in Central KY and the Subaru market is brutal.. aka there are NONE near me.

I haven't even driven a Gen 3 Outback.

I recently drove a 2018 and was looking into them but decided that I wanted to save money rather than buy a new vehicle.

I'm a professional golfer but also ski alot, hike, camp, etc. and love Subaru as a whole. I had a FBO 2011 STi Sedan that was thoroughly enjoyable but at the time I was in over my head (didn't have enough money) and sold it.

I now want a Manual Subaru again. I have read the horror stories on the XT and due to the mileage I put on vehicles I'm somewhat scared.. I also cannot find a decent XT that has service records for sale.

Do you all suggest the 2.5i with a 5speed manual, or is the XT really worth the smiles per mile? I would love the 3.0R but a manual is a requirement because I just feel like it is so much more enjoyable.

Also, how is the offroad capability compared to the newer generations? I see Gen 5's going various places and it seems impressive, I'm curious if these are similiar (I know they have a little lower ground clearance)

Please let me know what you all think. I have no doubt that there are multiple threads on the 2.5i vs XT but I have given some specifics and hope this isn't redundant.

If it is, please direct me to those threads (I have searched and can't find a whole lot.. maybe I'm not great at searching on here!) and I will close this.

I can't thank you enough!


Edit: After searching like crazy, I'm now reading that the 2.5i AWD system is not even close to as good as the XT or 3.0R.

Is this true?

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best: a 2007-2009 3.0 car with a 5 speed automatic, and if you can't physically take a liking to shifting that by hand, consider putting a 5 or a 6 speed manual behind it.
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