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I did. Oregon to Netherlands. Here is a short, 2 years after your original question:

  • The transfer was not that much of a pain, about 3K and almost 3 months of waiting
  • To register it is quite a pain: they had to drill turn signals, daytime running lights and fog light. It takes a long time too, and costs a lot. That's probably the hardest part.
  • They are really expensive here, about 2x the US price
  • Dealers DO honor US recalls ...
  • But spare parts and consumables are a pain. Stock up with everything you might need here, or you can end up ordering from US with the shipping and customs fee.
  • There is a Subi tribe here but it's mostly WRX and Fozzy. There are few independent garage shops that do Subi-s but you have to be in the know; they charge very reasonable but you might need to wait
  • My Outback in NL looks like DeLorean in US - rare, weird and of a questionable value. About 300 Subi's are sold each year in NL, probably less than 0.01% of all new cars.
Hope you liked it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts