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1997 Impreza 2.2 Gen 1, Impreza 1999 2.2 Gen2
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Hi Guy's
Looking at buying another Impreza 1997 Sport, 2.2, however it has a small issue with the transmission, well its a medium issue, as in you cannot select 1st or 2nd, I think its just a selector issue, but leaning on a messed up transmission, so my question is.... what transmission ( manual, standard or stick shift. not a automatic) from a donor car can I use, i.e. will a 2.5 transmission fit on a 2.2 engine, I know they changed the mountain bolt paten but I can’t remember as to what year or was it just studs the added...
Does anyone know what manual transmission ( 5 speed) will bolt up to a 2.2 engine.
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