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I have some issues with my brand new Impreza. When I start and drive after a few minutes, and stop at a light, I feel the jerks as if it's motor is skipping. It goes away after driving for 4-5 minutes. Second, when I stop at a light, I usually don't exert full pressure on the pedal and gradually increase pressure till full it comes to a full stop, the pedal goes down a little bit while the pedal is depressed, usually it should stay where you kept your foot when you stopped. My question is, is it normal with Subaru AWD, I never experienced this in any other make or models, foreign or US made cars. Third, I got a flat tire after 2 months, with a minor rusty metal piece and second flat tire with a screw. My experience with tires is, when you buy a new tire there is no road side hazard till after at least 3 years of use. New tires are so strong they can not be penetrated easily. I will appreciate your comments.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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