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When the overhead airbag status lights malfunction because of the bad solder joints, the Airbag control module detects a problem, and the Airbag warning light in the instrument panel is turned on. If the Airbag warning light is on, check the overheads for function (i.e., showing when the passenger airbag is on, or off, when someone is, or is not, sitting in the passenger seat), and reflow the solder on the overhead display printed circuit board if they're not working properly. That might resolve the Airbag warning light in the instrument panel.
this worked for me
my Red airbag light on the dash was staying On and the overhead map light Passenger Air Bag On and OFF lights were not working. The issue was inconsistent. Using the thread the OP linked in the first post, I found cracked solder joints in the overhead LED board.

Now fixed, overhead Pass AirBag lights work normally, and the RED dash airbag light is now OFF..


I promptly put black electrical tape over the Pass AirBag lights. I have no use for them being lit and distracting me every time I look in the rear view mirror at night. It is sufficient for me to know the RED dash airbag light is OFF :)

Challenge question, does anyone KNOW if simply disconnecting the overhead airbag lights will actually prevent the airbags from deploying in a crash (while the RED dash airbag light is ON). All I have seen is speculation that the cracked solder joints cause the RED airbag light to come on (this IS true), and "might" cause the airbags to deploy prematurely, or it "might" cause the airbags Not to deploy at all.

Anyone ever find PROOF that cracked overhead solder joints STOP the airbags from working?
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