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98 OBW, automatic tranny. Never drove this car before the motor crashed, just put it back together with redone heads, new timing belt, etc. including new plugs and wires.

Driving it, sometimes it acts fine, and sometimes it's a real dog at lower rpm's. From a stop, let off the brake and push on the gas, almost like the engine isn't building revs as I push on the gas - car starts to move but at reduced power. Then as it gets going, revs get above 2500 or so, it kicks in and acts normal. Also dogs as higher speeds at lower revs, after it's upshifted to 3rd for example, and as revs build it acts just fine.

Sometimes, works just fine, pulls away from a stop at normal power, shifts fine.

If I stomp on it from a dead stop, instead of easing on to the throttle, it tends to be better - gets up and goes as expected.

Also tonight, tried using the cruise control on the highway for the first time. Set the cruise while going 60mph, very slowly started to lose speed, probably about 3-4 mph lost over the course of a mile, then it held steady at 56-57. Had that same feeling like it was dogging when the cruise was on.

I'm baffled on this - not sure if it's fuel supply, ignition, throttle cable, tranny, what? Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated :)
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