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internal door button lights - 2013 OB

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My car is relatively new so Im not sure if this is a problem or just how it is.

My door buttons on the front doors light up a red color - but 2 of them dont light. On the drivers side, the window lock button doesnt light - but all the rest do (door unlock/lock, and window open buttons). On the passenger side, there are only 2 buttons, one for the window - which lights, and then theres the door lock/unlock button - that one DOESNT light.

Should they ALL be lit?
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Not all the buttons on my 2011 light. I don't recall which ones don't light but your description is about right.
Was just out in my 2011, on the door lock switch, the LOCK side is lit, the UNLOCK side is not. I don't believe the window lock switch is lit at all.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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