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I had a great experience getting my Outback serviced with Hugh at International Subaru in Sheboygan, WI. They were able to get an alignment done with a 30,000 mile service and two recalls in under two hours! Very impressive and there was no additional out of pocket expense. They also got me a nice Ascent for a loaner. I think this will be my go to place in the future for Subaru service.

I also spoke with their sales staff and a few managers for a while during my visit. They gave me the impression that they know what they are doing, any more its easy for me to tell who has their stuff together. I have heard a lot of good feedback from people who have bought new and used vehicles from there, not only from their Subaru store but from their local Toyota and Honda stores as well. I have seen some very positive reviews of the dealership on this site too.

I have tried dealing with the dealerships in Milwaukee and it always seems like a total goat rodeo to get anything done with them. I am at the point that I don't want to waste time in Milwaukee any more, I am over their BS.
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