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2018 Outback Touring 3.6R
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I was active in the previous generation's section here when I was researching and getting to know our 2011 OB, which has served us well. We recently decided to get a new car -- probably not until next Spring -- and I never get the same car/model twice so was looking elsewhere for a while. Mainly I thought I wanted something a bit smaller, so was looking at cars like the CR-V, CX-5, Forester, etc. But there was something unsatisfying about all of them. Most seemed cheaper on the inside than even our '11 OB. The Forester was nice, but had too much of an off-road vibe to it. And almost all of them were missing one or more of my absolute "must-have" features.

So after looking at and driving most candidate vehicles (even a Hyundai!), I finally decided to drive a 2018 Outback Touring. Wow! This car hits every one of our must-haves as well as our want-to-haves and nice-to-haves (e.g., not many new cars still have a CD player). We also really liked the look and feel of the interior, and of course it's miles ahead of our 2011 which has a basic Bluetooth phone connection and that's about it.

I've been reading the (downloaded) manuals and may have some questions over the next few months. But I thought I'd share my experience about "coming back" to the Outback after a long search.
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