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Just decided to join and perhaps learn more about cars/this 18 outback I have. Just finished my lease and will probably purchase, do some modifications, like custom utility rack, etc.
It's white and I've had some of the same paint issues as others, i believe. I assumed it was parking lot stuff, but probably not.

I always like white exterior. I tend to prefer cloth because it doesn't get hot or cold, and I like tan because it's bright. Likewise, I don't tend to get any tint upgrades cause I like to let the light in. I regret this every summer.

If I don't buy the 18, I'll likely look to get into a new subaru. I feel like the 22 outback has a steeper front windshield and feels less open to me. I'm also not a big fan of screen for everything, since I'm a coder and like to have my car screen off. I wish there was a single screen-off button, but am grateful I can turn it off by holding the volume knob. On the new model, I've noticed you don't have to redo that when you use buttons other than the knobs, contrary to my 18.

Another thing is I wish I could get all my discontinuous preferences, such as power seats on both sides, which normally come with leather. I also prefer more tire and less rim.

That was fun
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