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Hello everyone!

Bought my first Outback recently and joined the forum - have done a little lurking. Need to dig through things and look for the answers to my newbie questions.

A week later and almost 300 miles into I'm loving the car except for one major aspect. I took a HUGE hit on mileage. I knew that was going to happen with pretty much anything I bought compared to my Honda Insight (first generation).

Just found out today that the alarm for the passenger seat belt will not shut off with time. Swung by the dealership and they told me it could be something as simple a bag of groceries in the seat that will set off the fasten seat belt alarm. Had one of the dogs in the car with me for the first time and he is accustomed to curling up in the passenger seat.

When I left the dealership I just snapped in the seat belt ... but that isn't very clean. Thinking about just buying the seat belt from a crashed outback and keeping that in the car.

Going to go looking for the thread to see how others have dealt with this.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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