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'04 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport H-4 4EAT Platinum Silver Metallic
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Sorry if this has been talked about before. I got lost in a bunch of searches and someplace like scoobymods told of a wire to the Security LED in the gauge cluster.

Pulled the gauge cluster out and gave it a try. Didn't work. Needless to say was nervous while doing things with that part of the car. Could end up with either a bad odometer or other things.

I only tried grounding that one particular wire, which was transluscent with red stripe on the large middle connector at pin position 6 (microscopic numbers on there!). Tried with the key both on and off. Chances are, it might need power at that wire and then grounds through a different wire (or vice versa). No idea really.

If anyone out there knows more about it I'd love to hear. I thought it'd make a nice mod to have it blink when the car is parked even without the alarm system installed. I'm sure other people have asked or thought about this, I'm just not finding when or where anymore.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts