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2010 Outback 3.6R Limited. White w. Beige interior.. It's stock...for now...
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Can I have my phone be paired for calls but not BT audio? It activates my phone's default media player which I do not want it to do (Samsung Galaxy S2, android 4.2.2).

Hey I picked up a 2010 outback 3.6R today with Nav. Here's the deal!
If you want to program your PHONE ONLY, then go in through menu, setup, and program your phone that way. I had done that and couldn't get streaming audio to work. When I went to program the streaming audio through hitting the tune button and settings it made me disconnect in order to register a new "BT Audio Device. I disconnected, but stilly didn't work, so I deleted the hands free aspect from my PHONE ONLY, not head unit, and tried register BT audio device again, and that did the trick.

BUT, here's where I'm stuck, and if anyone else knows the answer (not thinks they know) please chime in. The previous owners "phone book" and recent calls were still on my head unit when I got my car, an even after I was paired and connected with the hands free feature. When I try to "download" / "add" my phonebook from my phone it simply doesn't work.

Also does anyone know how to add a name to a user saved POI/pin drop? I drive by places that look like good fishing holes and like saving them, but it won't help if they're all un named POI's. Anybody know???
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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