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Iphone 5 won't charge w/ bluetooth on

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Hey folks,

Did a search and didn't see this discussed, figure I'd see if anyone else has the same problem?

I have a 2102 Outback premium (no HK), and just got a Iphone 5. I use it with bluetooth for both phone, and streaming music. Everything work great except It won't charge from the usb port while bluetooth is connected?

I put the iphone in airplane mode (which turns off bluetooth), and it immediately started charging and playing music via the USB. But as soon as I enable bluetooth, it swaps back to bluetooth audio and stops charging?

I will eventually buy a dedicated car charger but I'm waiting for the aftermarket prices to come down.

Any ideas? I checked apple forum with no success

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My 2013 Outback charges my iPhone 5 while using bluetooth. I have to first cycle through so its on USB before it will start charging, but once I do that once, it charges no matter what I am doing in the car, bluetooth, radio, usb, whatever.
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