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Hi, everibody , i'm writing from Italy , beacuse here nobody , also Subaru Italy and official agent , is able to give me some answer ,
I'have a 2011 Subaru Outback 3.6 with the Mcintiosh audio/navi sistem , ( thats a model not very common here in Italy )

There is, between the front seats in the "glove box" a 3 jack connection ( video/audioR/audioL) for external audio and video source,
but ther is no a decicated I pod connection ,

Using this conenction, i can hear sounds and see video from IPod , but only volume is manged by the Mcintosh unit or from the steering wheel.

Do you know if ther is a way to mount a cable or some adaptor for Ipod , that allows to manage the I Pod information ( Artist, Album, Skip Song, Playlist...) directly from the Mcintosh unit

I see in the web a cable to be link to the Unit with OEM nav, called H0018AJ900, is this cable valid with the McIntosh unit ?

Thaks a lot for your support

Lorenzo Brambilla
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