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I have a 2006 Baja Sport with a manual transmission. I would like to load the bed with 1/3 of a cubic yard of landscape gravel which weighs about 360 kg/800 lbs. I then need to drive it about 60 km/40 miles uphill from sea level to Whistler, BC - that's a climb of about 670m/2200'. Is this too much for my Baja to carry?

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according to this you can get 1050lbs in the baja bed.
2006 Subaru Baja prices, colors, specs and more

which is about what the gross vehicle weight is - the curb weight. (auto / manual are slightly different)

edit: so the ~1000lb figure appears to be the whole vehicle capacity. (not just the bed)

but you need to take into account occupants weight also. and the thing is going to handle like a pig, (hard on the brakes, ...and struts, cooling).
the 12 year old struts may not like this load anymore.

@Brucey may have more suggestions.

and a rented / borrowed pickup maybe better.

....and the retailers typically haul such small gravel loads in one ton dump trucks for a added fee. (or free with the purchase). ( = ASK, such may save you time / money and not hurt your baja)
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