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Is my engine block cracked?

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Long time lurker; first time poster here.

The details: 2007 Outback wagon, 2.5i, 47K miles, regular fluid changes/maintenance, no issues with overheating or poor performance, no codes from the MIL. I was replacing the PCV valve today and noticed cracking on the passenger side front on the block (almost below the alternator). It doesn't appear to be flaking but relative deep cracks throughout, as I scrapped it a bit with a screwdriver. It is only the passenger side and only on the front of the engine. Hopefully the pics are good enough to for someone to make an online diagnosis!

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06 Outback 2.5i, 06 BMW 325xi wagon, 02 2.5rs, 82 CB750, Polaris XC SP 500, and a single speed bike.
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I believe those are just casting marks. If your block was cracked... you'd know.
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