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I think reddoak has the best summation.

The 3.6 won't be brought into new platforms. Mostly because it just won't fit. Also because those platforms can do well and take advantage of a turbo power on demand. The XT sells well enough in the Forester, so there is demand. The XT didn't sell in the OB for the above stated reasons.

I think an Legacy GT Turbo Wagon would be an ideal combination, but they couldn't even keep the turbo alive in the Legacy, and we all know how well "wagons" sell in the US.

I think the 3.6 will hang around for quite a while in the OB because there are too many people that wouldn't trade it for a Turbo. Low end is a big concern there IMO. They don't sell enough for it to impact their CAFE. Especially when you factor in the much more efficient Forester. It's a good engine, and they'll keep the tech around just in case they decide to try and enter the bigger SUV market (or until the OB evolves into a big SUV).
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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