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I don't see the turbo or the 2.0 coming anytime soon to the Outback.

Regarding the turbo:
1. They already had it. And dropped it.
2. Most people that buy Outbacks aren't looking for "sporty" so the turbo name has zero cachet.
3. 93 octane gas requirements suck. The turbo motors need premium... or they knock. 91 works (most of the time) but 87 ain't gonna happen.

Regarding the n/a 2.0:
1. 140 hp. Drive a lighter Impreza with the 2.0 and see how it accelerates... about equal to a 2.5i Outback. No one, not even me, wants a slower Outback. Most prospective Outback buyers don't want a smaller one, either. So it's not going to shed a bunch of weight.
2. Redesigned 2.5 engine is already in place. In both the Outback (now) and the Forester (since the last redesign.) It works, people generally are OK with it, no reason to go smaller.

Here's my take on the Subaru line:
So in the Impreza line, yes, the 2.5 is gone. No need in the super econobox.

In the Forester line, looks a choice between the 2.5 or the 2.0t for that. The 3.6 would be pretty nice... but wouldn't fit very well. The 2.0 likely drops right in with room to spare. The 2.5 make decent power, and the CVT is an improvement.

For the Crosstrek XV... Drove one... Really could use a bigger motor. Or a turbo. Not WRX level, but **** is it pokey. My slow 2.5 Outback never bothers me, but the Impreza platform is lighter and can handle a bit better power to weight ratio.

For the Tribeca: who cares. No one buys Tribecas anyways,

For the BRZ, they're going to turbocharge it... after Scion releases a supercharged FR-S that blows its doors off and embarrasses it. I think they are waiting because they don't want to compete with the WRX.

WRX and STI: Hopefully a shift to the newer Impreza platform rather than just dropping them. I would guess a 2.0T, especially they already have one to stuff into Forester XTs. I think the 2.5T, while it was good, has run it's course.
From what I have seen they will be releasing a supercharged BRZ and FRS at the same time. It will be a small centrifugal supercharger with around 8psi likley. This should get it over 240 HP. From what I understand there is no turbo planned for the BRZ. My guess is that they will keep it as simple as possible. It is a simple enthusiast car. I see quick spooling low lag superchargers being the next wave rather than turbos. The WRX will stick with a turbo, but a lot of other cars will end up with superchargers
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