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From 2009-2011 Ford put the worse headrests in the F150, they are tilted almost 45 degrees into the back of your neck. Raising and lowering doesn't help the design.

Anyway, like the previous poster mentioned LOL (Sign waver below to release any liabilty) Anyway on the F150 forum I go to, guys on there took their headrest out and bent the chrome metal supports in a vice grip until the angle was satisfactory. Seems like a better way to still have the part semi functional but not aimed directly at your neck.

For 2012 Ford changed the design of the headrest because of so many complaints. The new ones tilt forward or back. I actually bought all the hardware over the counter to work on my 2011 about $480 in parts but both yself and my wife are much happier.

Truthfully the headrests in our Outback don't bother me or my wife but it could be our body type of frame as everones varries. Good luck with whatever you come up with.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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