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Jack Stand Points

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Hey guys, so I first ran into this problem when I was trying to rotate my tires, according the owners manual. Now, I'm being a typical teenager, and painting my wheels black. It'd be nice to take all 4 wheels off at once, so I can paint them together. My problem is that I can't find what seems to be a solid point on the frame to put the jack stand. I've dug around on the forums, but haven't come up with anything. I don't want to support the weight of the car on one point, and it bend or tweak something. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!!
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Connor, I too was confused regarding the jack points. The manual really only refers to the included scissor jack and the way it is meant to hug the pinch weld, almost like a paper-clip. When working under the front of the car, the jack point I use is the front engine mount/cradle point. I use a floor jack with a hockey puck to lift up the front end and then put jack stands under the front doors with the rubber pads of the stands straddling the pinch weld. That seems to work well. As for the rear of the vehicle, I haven't had to jack it up, but have read on most every thread that the differential is accepted. I'd use the floor jack hockey puck setup on that as well when the time comes. Given that the stands are cheap, I'd use a third pair if I ever jack the car completely off the ground.

Here's a few threads I've read through... not all are about Gen4's but are good reads....

HF Floor Jack: Heavy Duty 3 Ton Floor Jack with Rapid Pump

HF Stands: 3 Ton Jack Stands

HF Rubber Pads: 2 Piece Rubber Pads for Jack Stand

It clearly states in the owners manual the jack points
Heater, Is that really your contribution to this thread/forum? The OP has clearly read the manual and is asking us forum members for some advice. Since you're familiar with the manual you know it's limitations, especially when it comes to detailed descriptions and illustrations. If the manual covered all aspects of vehicle ownership and maintenance, we wouldn't need a forum like this.
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