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Jack Stand Points

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Hey guys, so I first ran into this problem when I was trying to rotate my tires, according the owners manual. Now, I'm being a typical teenager, and painting my wheels black. It'd be nice to take all 4 wheels off at once, so I can paint them together. My problem is that I can't find what seems to be a solid point on the frame to put the jack stand. I've dug around on the forums, but haven't come up with anything. I don't want to support the weight of the car on one point, and it bend or tweak something. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!!
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Sorry, you're all probably thinking I'm retarded. It clearly states in the owners manual the jack points, which I have found, but how do I jack the car up to the desired height, and put the jack stand under the jack point, when the jack is already there.
Awesome, thanks for the help guys. I used Plasti dip to get an idea of what would look like with black wheels. I'll get them powder coated when I get a chance/have another vehicle for a few days.
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