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Jack Stand Points

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Hey guys, so I first ran into this problem when I was trying to rotate my tires, according the owners manual. Now, I'm being a typical teenager, and painting my wheels black. It'd be nice to take all 4 wheels off at once, so I can paint them together. My problem is that I can't find what seems to be a solid point on the frame to put the jack stand. I've dug around on the forums, but haven't come up with anything. I don't want to support the weight of the car on one point, and it bend or tweak something. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!!
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OK, you will need at least 2 jackstands, and an appropriately rated bottle or (best) floor jack. Don't use the energency scissor jack on the rear diff to lif the entire rear of the car. Do it safely, or do paint them 1 or 2 at a time.
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