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Journal: FSTASLP's 2006 Subaru Outback Xt

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I just wanted to place this here for a record of what i have done and will do to the car.

This is my first Subaru.

Car Info:

2006 Subaru Outback XT- Automatic
82,000 Miles

Day I bought it:

new outback by FST ASLP, on Flickr

Current additions:
- Black WeatherTech Mats
- 2" Hitch
- Hardwired for Valentine1

Already Purchased Upgrades, but still need to install:
- Legacy GT suspension
- 204UH Head Unit (trying to figure out how to wire aux as well as sat radio)

Plans for the future:
- Stage 1 tune- not sure on which one yet.
- Better RSB- looking for a good deal if you know of one
- retint the windows darker- there are scratches
- OEM Nav System
- Quiet exhaust- want to know more about Nameless Muffled Axle Back

That is all for now, but I am sure the list will grow with time.
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You could go down to the local pawn shop and buy a $40 garmin and install a set of old 2007 maps on it and it would be 100x more accurate and faster-responding than the stock system. It might have nicer graphics too.

If navigation is high on your list, I'd say there's almost no other option than to get a standalone unit. Portable GPS devices only sell for one reason: good navigation. With the stereo-integrated models or the smartphone kinds there are always other factors, so they let things slide.

Anyway, you can have it permanently installed on a proper mount with properly dressed wiring that is either invisible or nearly invisible. DIY or take it to any pro stereo shop.

Some folks have worked out ways of mounting real GPS into the top cubby in the dash, and a few look like they were born there.

If you do the JDM double-din stereo install, you can ditch the dodgy stock stereo, gain an analog aux, satellite input, USB input for smartphone/ipod/memory device and you could consider getting one with integrated navigation. I still consider those to be second-rate compared to a dedicated model, but some aren't too bad.

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Well as they tend to do, my build is getting bigger...

I have the following to install:
-COBB Down Pipe
-Grimmspeed Up Pipe
-Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
-Grimmspeed Turbo Heat Shield
-Hex Mod's F1 Valve body (If I can get it in time)
-Defrost Vent Pod and boost gauge

I also have installed a Cobb stage 1 map, but will be moving to stage 2 as soon as this is installed.

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2006 Outback XT
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Now officially Stage 2.

Got the COBB down pipe, Grimmspeed Up Pipe, and new Grimmspeed Turbo Heat shield. I also installed a Prosport Halo Boost Gauge.

I'd say it was a pretty productive night. Tomorrow I'll install the master cylinder brace.

Next episode will be the HexMods F1 Valve body. Gotta take it easy until it gets here.

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Please keep us up to date how things go. Your car was exactly like mine till you made the suspension and wheel changes. :)

If I didn't live in California I'd have probably have a DP installed. Pushing my luck as it is with the Perrin Up pipe.
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