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So I need some ideas. I just finished the headgaskets on this vehicle this last week after buying it for cheap from a guy. It has 127K and only recently this week have I had an opportunity to drive it. Now that i'm driving it, Im getting a weird vibration when the vehicle has time to warm up.

Now this vibration only occurs when I'm decelerating, as in coasting when in drive. It starts out as a whirring noise and you can feel it as a vibration in the floor boards. It seems to me more noticable when I turn right at slower speeds, but not when I turn right at higher speeds. The noise will go away when i'm in neutral and coasting. There is no vibration or noise what so ever when I'm accelerating.

Please, any help with diagnosis would be a plus. I work all through the weekend so I wont be able to get it into a shop for a couple more days. I want to lift the vehicle and put it in drive to listen for the noise. But until then, anyone else in this forum have any similar complaints???
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