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Just got the call - head gasket leak...

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I know there is a ton of info on here and I love it, just looking for some feedback because I am a complete car repair novice.

2005 Subie Outback 2.5i Limited, loved and maintained since the day I brought it home (new). 84,500 miles, in the shop today for rear brake pads and the oil leak that I've had for the last two months. Two months ago, they said it was a coolant leak and replaced a radiator hose. Still leaking, slow, but steady, seems like oil to me but they are still saying it's coolant.

They just called and said it's the cylinder head gasket - $1,950.00. I don't have that money right now, not even close. Do I have any options? I really was hoping to keep my Subie running for quite a while longer...
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If I were you, based on the great advice I got here, I'd go direct to Subaru of America at 1-800-SUBARU3 (1-800-782-2783). It certainly worked for me! Good luck.
The dealer, or SoA via the dealer, were willing to cover half the cost of the head gasket job, about $750. As long as they were in there I had them replace the timing belt too. (Sorry for the LONG delay in the follow-up. Life happens.)
I'm so happy for you! That's fantastic. Happy Thanksgiving!
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